Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Voicemail & Phone Instructions
Last Updated 5 years ago

To get an outside line pick up the handset and dial 9, then your number: this is even true for dialing 911 in case of an emergency.

In district dialing does not require dialing 9.

For recently setup voicemail accounts, your voicemails will be emailed to you as an attachment that you can listen to from any computer or mobile device. Please note this does not transcribe your voicemail, it only sends the voicemail as an attachment. If your account was created before then and you would like this feature please submit a ticket or email the Technology Helpdesk.

To access your voicemail: Press the Voicemail button OR dial 7000 on any Cisco phone. Next, press the Asterisk (*) button, dial your voicemail extension, and then the Pound (#) button.

**To get your voicemail extension you can either use the Corporate Directory or the sheet distributed by the front office.**

Default Voicemail password is: 12369874

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