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Filtering student in-progress grade report
Last Updated 7 years ago

1. In Campus Tools, click on Data Viewer under Ad Hoc Reporting.

2. Click on the report you created to check your TA students’ grades last semester. Click on the Edit button.

3. In the field selection (blue words on the left), do the following:

a.Click on the + sign for Grading

b.Click on the + sign for Grading Detail

c.Scroll down to Term name and drag it over to the Report Preview and make a new column

d.In the white space for "Filtering" above the columns you just created, click on the "Add New Filter" button. Choose "Term Name (grading)" as the ID, set the operator drop-down box to "=" and then in the Value box, type in the current term, which would be "Q3" for right now. (You will change the filter to "Q4" to see grades for next term)

e.Save the report (Save button is at the top)

f.Click on "Back to Reports"

g.Now you can run a new in-progress grade report for your TA students as you used to do, but it will only put this quarter’s classes and
grades on the report.

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