6th Grade Boys Intramurals will begin Tuesday, Sept. 5 and we start with Football! We will have intramurals every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the entire year starting at 3:05 and going until 4:00. As activities change please read announcements to see what is next. Thank you and see Mr. Moeller if you have any questions.

Start TERM 1 2017 ART CLUB meets every FRIDAY from 3-4:00 in Mr. Lennon's room (C16). Sign in with code "upnjqrt" to ART CLUB on Google Classroom. Feel free to bring a friend and a snack! Remember, when your after-school activity or sport season is finished you are welcome to return to ART CLUB any time!

Reminder to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students! Chess Club is being held every Wednesday morning at 7:15 in the Counseling Office. See Mrs. Bruty for more information!

Students- you need to serve your detentions within 3 days of receiving them. If you have to be pulled to serve a detention and still don't show up, you will get extra time added. Thanks!

10/23/17 to 6/1/17 The BMS library is now selling snacks. We have bottled water and various cracker items--2 for $1. All profits will benefit this year's National History Day program. Students can purchase and eat snacks during study hall and after school, unless trash and crumbs become an issue.

Backpacks, bags and purses: Students must keep these items in their locker. They may not take these items with them to class, including to PE. Winter Clothing: As winter approaches be sure that you are dressing appropriately for the weather. While we strongly encourage everyone to wear a coat to school, you may not wear your coat in the classrooms. Mrs. Reid

2/5/18 - 2/5/18 National History Day Club time is available to all participating students Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday after school this week.

Bus Info: BUS DRIVERS WILL BEGIN CHECKING YOUR BUS PASSES. If you ride the bus please remember you need to show the bus driver your pass. It is Second Semester and the bus drivers are checking to make sure all students have valid bus passes to ride otherwise he can refuse you a ride. Check your passes to make sure there is a check mark for am or pm by SEM 2. If you do not have your pass the driver will send you back in to get a temporary one. *If your pass is not checked for Second Semester you may not ride. *If you have lost your bus pass please go to the front office to have another one made. *If you forget your bus pass please go to the front office before the end of the day to get a temporary pass. *If you are riding home on the bus with another student after school, both students are required to have a note from their parents. Please bring notes to the front office and a temporary pass will be made.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, PASSES WILL BE ENFORCED. If you do not have a valid bus pass you will not be able to ride the bus. Any questions, please come see me in the front office. Mrs. Franklin

Board Game Club’s yearbook picture is scheduled for Monday, February 12th. If you’ve participated in Board Game Club this year, stop by B11 after school on Monday to make sure you’re included in the picture.

The GSA’s yearbook picture is scheduled for Thursday, February 15th. If you’ve participated in GSA Activities this year, stop by B11 after school on Thursday to make sure you’re included in the picture.

Video Game Club is cancelled this week due to conferences. We’ll meet again on Tuesday, February 20th. We will also have club pictures that day.

Interested in helping or participating in an upcoming poetry slam? Anyone interested in performing poetry or helping organize a poetry slam should stop by B11 (Mr. Fry’s) after school on Thursday, February 15th or Thursday, February 22nd to learn more.

2/12/18 - 2/12/18 There is no NHD Club this week due to conferences. Results from building-wide competition will be posted by Tuesday afternoon.

Board Game Club will be holding a Magic card game tournament after school on Monday, March 19. Cards will be provided to play with. If you're interested in learning how to play, stop by Board Game Club any Monday after school in Mr. Fry's room (B11).

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